Welcome, Pally. If you came to relax, you've come to the right place. Now just sit back, relax and get in the groove (and be sure you have the RealPlayer plug-in to be able to listen)...

Here is a selection of songs which I hope you find entertaining. If you do, please click here to order my CD This One's From the Heart from Amazon.com. On it are the songs I sang on in the holosuite plus about six others.

My good pally Brent "Data" Spiner sings here if you want to listen... He's got some great 'cords, so stop by.

If you like the Star Trek soundtracks, here you will find a wide variety from the Original Series to ones you have never heard before...

My pally Quark has offered to honor us hew-mons (even those of us made of Photonic Energy) with a reading of several stories behind the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition. He has even agreed not to bill us (right now, anyway). I'd listen to him if I were you, pally.

I'd like to thank Saba (whos site is no longer online) for putting together the following Deep Space Nine Music Videos and for letting us view them here. We have posted both the Real Media version (for those with slower connections) and the MPEG original versions (for those with faster connections).

"Heaven's Door" (4.09mb Real Media File / 20.4mb MPEG File) is composed of scenes from the DS9 episode 'The Changing Face of Evil' and includes hi-quality special effects scenes from the destruction of the Defiant. The clip is set to Bob Dylan's 'Knocking on Heaven's Door' and captures the mood perfectly. It is one of the Singularity's favorite clips.

"Coming Home" (6.18mb Real Media File / 29.5mb MPEG File) is made up of the flash back scenes, along with other scenes, from the final episode 'What We Leave Behind.' It is set to appropriate music that captures the mood perfectly. In terms of picture quality, it is the best quality clip that i have constructed so far, the images are bright and colors rich, unlike the other music videos on this page.

"In Memory" (4.21mb Real Media File / 20.1mb MPEG File) is a tribute to the memory of Jadzia Dax as seen through the eyes of Worf. It is a melancholy piece, including clips from a dozen episodes, a set to Kansas' song 'Dust in the Wind.'

"Into the Void" (8.16mb Real Media File / 40.7mb MPEG File) is better edited than 'In Memory' and is comprised, mostly, from clips in Star Trek First Contact. It is devoted to the Borg, is set to Black Sabbath heavy metal, and includes a lot of special effects, and a little humor. It is also twice the size of 'in memory' -- but it is worth the time spent downloading it.

"All I Want" (6.57mb Real Media File / 32.2mb MPEG File) The most recent and final clip on this site, 'All I Want' is the anti-thesis of 'Coming Home.' Where 'Coming Home' was set to soft music and focused solely on pleasant memories between characters, 'All I Want' is made up of special effects scenes as well as memories of characters, not all of them pleasant, and all the while set to loud music.

The following Music Videos were created from various fans of the show and are also worth your time.

"Bonecracker" (23.5mb AVI File) This video is dedicated to the USS Defiant NX-74205... one tough little ship. All of the clips are special effects scenes of our favorite ship doing what it was built for, battle. The video is set to the song Bonecracker, a very hard core piece of music that fits these scenes perfectly. This music video was created by Jim from Maximum Defiant.

"Fedcon X" (74.5mb AVI File) Created for Germany's Federation Convention X as the intro movie for the biggest regular European Star Trek convention, The Light Works has produced an awesome montage from Star Trek, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise for an elaborate 10 and a half minute video you won't soon forget. If you download anything, download this... (Divx is required for viewing.)

And additional Star Trek music vids can be found at my pally Kyle's site, Cetialpha.

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