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Windows Events
Close Program
Critical Stop
Default Sound
Empty Recycle Bin
Exit Windows
Menu Command
Menu Popup
Open Program
Program Error
Restore Down
Restore Up
SchedulePlus Reminder
Start Windows (DS9)
Start Windows (Voyager)
System Default

Download the Windows Events Zip File (.89MB)

AOL Sound Events


Download the AOL Events Zip File (.09MB)

LCARS Computer Events

LCARSCom.Net Intro
A New Collection of Data...
A Simulation Would Be Limited...
Access Denied, Logs...
Access Denied
Access... is Restricted
Accessing Database Module
Accessing File
Accessing Library Computer Database
Adjustments... Complete
Altering Search Parameters
Anti-Matter Containment Positive...
Authorization Denied
Auto Defence Proc Initiated
Auto Destruct Seq Armed
Auto Engage Time Sequence...
Awaiting Input
By Accessing Available Imagery...
Command Codes Verified
Command Functions are Offline
Confirm Deactivation Request
Danger, Safety Limits...
Deactivation Complete
Deck One Life Support...
Define Parameters of Program
Define, Please
Deflector Shield Failure...
Diagnostic Complete
Diagnostic Cycle Will Be Complete...
Direction Unclear
Emergency Power Engaged
Emission is Not Consistant...
End Simulation
Energy Field Stregnth Increasing
Energy Reserves... Critical State
Enter Authorization Code
Enter When Ready
Holodeck 3 Program is Ready
Holodeck 3 Program is Re-enststed
Incoming Transmission
Information on this Sector...
Initiating Update
Input Algorithm Not Accepted
Input Received
Inquires are No Longer Accepted...
Insufficient Data
Interface Complete
Link Cancelled...
Link Data Disconnect...
Linkage Complete
Logs Accessed
Message Transmitted
No Audio Anomolies Present
No Introferalmetric Patterns...
No Subspace Projections Present
No Temporal Anomolys...
No Z Particles Present
Now Disconnected...
Now Establishing Datalink
One Minute to Auto-Destruct
Online Assistance Activated
Override Authority Restricted
Please Confirm Deactivation
Please Do Not Address This Unit...
Please Enter Program
Please Indicate... to Over-ride
Please Input Command Codes
Please Repeat Request
Please Restate a Single Question
Please Restate Question
Please Restate Request
Please Specify
Please Specify How...
Priority Clearance Alpha One
Priority Message...
Priority One Distress Signal
Priority One Message...
Program Alpha One...
Program Complete, Enter...
Program Complete
Program in Progress
Program Loaded and Ready
Provide Requested Data
Re-establishing Link
Relaod Circuits are Initializing
Repeat Command
Search Mode Activated
Security Authorization Accepted
Security Clearance Required...
Security Level 3 Is Required...
Select Button
Select Exit Help Button
Select Menu
Selected Word Not Found
Shied Penetration 17%
Specify Parameters
Standard Procedure Requires...
Starfleet Academy
Starfleet Headquarters
Specify Geographical Regions
Specify Search Parameters
Starfleet Science Institute
That Has Not Been Programed
That Info Is Not Available
That Information is Classified
That is Not a Valid Question
That Program is Already in Use
That Program is Available
The Automatic Pilot... is Not Fuctional
The Holo-Matrix Has Been Formated
The Logs Have Been Deleted
The Program Has Been Reinitiated
This Terminal is Not a Replicator
Transfer Complete
Transmit Message
Unable to Comply
Update Complete
Warning... Warp Core Collapse...
Warp Energy Increase...
Welcome to Starfleet Academy
Welcome to Starfleet Command
Welcome to Starfleet Science Institute
You Are not Authorized...
Your Request Does Not... Guidelines
Zimmerman Program... Complete

Download the Computer Events Zip File 1/2 (3.84MB)
Download the Computer Events Zip File 2/2 (3.63MB)

Computer Effects

Panel Beep 01
Panel Beep 02
Panel Beep 03
Panel Beep 04
Panel Beep 05
Panel Beep 06
Panel Beep 07
Panel Beep 08
Panel Beep 09
Panel Beep 10
Panel Beep 11
Panel Beep 12
Panel Beep 13
Panel Beep 14
Panel Beep 15
Panel Beep 16
Panel Beep 17
Panel Beep 18
Panel Beep 19
Panel Beep 20
Alert 01
Alert 02
Damage Alarm 01
Damage Alarm 02
Deny Beep 01
Deny Beep 02
Deny Beep 03
Distress Signal
Hail Alert 01
Hail Alert 02
Open Hailing Frequencies
Hailing Frequencies Open

Download the Computer Effects Zip File (2.23MB)

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